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The Project

“Swayamsevaks Media LLP” envisages on taking up the prestigious project of making a web series for the OTT players like Amazon Prime, Netflix etc. on the origins, illustrious journey, the ups & downs, the ideals, achievements and values of magnificent RSS.It proposes to capture the emotive response of the millions to the RSS’s vision of Bharat’s national glory, based on the noblest values constituting the cultural and spiritual legacy of the land and collectively called ‘Dharma’ and the path adopted.

Due to continuous smear campaign and misinformation by the leftists and pseudo-liberals, RSS is known to a vast majority of the modern society and also world only as a right-wing nationalist organization. However, the real vision and mission of this glorious organization, the value system and the uncompromising faith in the oneness of the human race, the underlying unity of all religious traditions, the basic divinity of the human being, complementarity and inter-relatedness of all forms of creation both animate and inanimate and the primacy of spiritual experience. That the mission of the Sangh is in tune with a millennia-old heritage itself carries an irresistible appeal and needs to be introduced to the world…