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Project Highlights

Nature of Project

Web Series on OTT Video Players like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Sony Liv, Hotstar etc. (There are over 40 OTT Players Operating in India)

No. of Seasons Planned

Five (5)Seasons
Season1: The Origins of RSS – DoctorJI (HedgewarJi)
Season2: The Rise of the Movement – Shri Guruji
Season3: What really is RSS
Season4: The Struggle Post-Independence
Season5: Modern RSS Icons – Balasahib to Mohanji

No. of Episodes per Season

Ten (10) episodes per Season of 50 Minutes each.

Genre of the Web Series

Drama; Multi-lingual Narration;
Two Versions -Indian Version and an International Version

Project Script & Creative Management

Shri. Vijayendra Prasad ji, a renowned Indian film screen writer is associated with the project as the co-founder. He shall develop the complete script for all the seasons and also offer guidance on the production planning and execution aspects of the web-series


Scripting and Pre-Production – 6 Months
Production Schedule – Season 1 – 6Months
– 1st Episode – 60Days
– From 2nd Episode onwards – 30 Days per episode (Simultaneous production of 2 episodes at a time)
Total Completion of the Web Series – 3Years

Timeline – Plan of Action

Particulars Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6 Month 7
Story Board Outline - 5 Seasons            
Detailed Script & Story Boarding– 1st Season              
Pre-Production Work (Engaging Film Directors; Casting Directors; Artists; CreativeTeam,DOP etc.)              
Selecting Location for FilmSets (10 Acres)              
Construction of SETS and Creative              
Commencement of Production SEASON1