A Web Series dedicated to showcasing the rise and growth of Shri. Narendra Modi with a mission of inspiring genuine nationalism among millions of Indians to take up the duty of achieving the “Param Vaibhay” (the pinnacle of glory) of Bharat. “Swayamsevaks Media Factory” envisages taking up the prestigious project of making a web series for the Indian and International OTT players on the origins, illustrious journey, the ups & downs, the ideals, achievements and values of magnificent life of Shri.Narendra Modi. It proposes to capture the emotive response of the millions to the Shri Narendra Modi’s vision of Bharat’s national glory, based on the noblest values constituting the cultural and spiritual legacy of the land.

Here are Project Details

1. Narendra Nath Se Narendra Modi Tak

A compelling narrative to showcase the live stories of influential personalities that shaped the character, personality, and strong conviction of Shri. Narendra Modi in becoming a powerful force that he is.

2. Viswa Neta – Narendra Modi

A compelling narrative unfolds against the backdrop of India's dynamic political landscape, offering an intimate exploration of Modi's personal and political journey tracing his meteoric rise from humble beginnings to becoming the most influential leader of Bharat and the world.


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