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ना मुझे नाम चाहिये ; ना इनामचाहिये |

मुझे तो बस #भगवासे सजा पूरा #हिन्दुुस्थानचाहिये||

Billions of hearts beating for a Mission of a Lifetime… A resurgent BHARAT with full glory of HINDUTVA SOCIETY dominating the global stage…

A Web Series dedicated to showcasing the rise and growth of RSS inspiring genuine nationalism among Billions of Hindus to take up the duty of achieving the “Param Vaibhav”  (the pinnacle of glory) of the Hindu Rashtra

Production and Co-ordination by

“Swayamsevaks Media LLP”


“Swayamsevaks Media LLP” (SML) is a Hyderabad based media house established with the sole objective of supporting and furthering the divine task undertaken by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the task of rebuilding and reconstruction of Akhand Bharat as a self-confident, mighty and resurgent nation. A behemoth vision of the transformation of this scale requires inspired minds, active commitment, and participation from the people of the nation, particularly the younger generation who are the torchbearers into the future.

Need for the Project

‘Bharat’, in the pre-colonial era identifies as a nation that practiced Sanātana Dharma as a way of life.

The identity of this nation was not an outcome of geographical boundaries, but assimilation;

Systematic brainwashing of generations of people perpetuated by the Britishers’ self-interest has resulted in a degenerated population that lives in self-oblivion.

An Irrational and almost devout presumption of West is the pinnacle of civilization;

Need for propagate a champion to the ideals of nationalism and the recognition of the Hindu national identity.

The fact that such a breed continues to exist even after so much historical and recent experience

Absence of idealism and existence of divisive politics has been at the root of most problems hauntingthis nation

Amidst such an environment, RSS is unique for its apolitical stance and taking up the highly difficult task

Rise of RSS; the people’ Champion for nationalism and Hindu culture.

A unique phenomenon in the history of Bharat in the twentieth century is the birth and unceasing growth

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